Become a Customer Today!

To begin the setup process with Credit Quick Services you will have to speak to an CQS sales representative. The best way to do this is to fill out the Sales Inquiry Form. If you have already spoken to a sales representative and you are ready to become an Credit Quick Services customer we will need the following documents to complete your setup:

  • Completed and signed service agreement
  • Signed pricing confirmation letter provided by your sales representative
  • Copy of your broker’s license and/or business license
  • Copy of a driver’s license for guarantor listed on the service agreement
  • User list with access levels indicated
    • Company level - Has access to all reports pulled within the company
    • Department level - Has access to all reports pulled within a given department
    • User level - Has access to only the reports that they have pulled OR access to another specific user’s reports
  • CreditXpert Addendum if desired

Site Inspections are mandatory for all new companies and net branches that will be using the services of CQS. A site inspection will not be ordered until all documents are received. Site inspections take approximately 5 days to schedule and complete. Company setup will be completed within approximately 1 day of receiving site inspection approval.

All documentation should be faxed to 800-585-7894 attn: Customer Setups. Please use the CQS Fax Form/Checklist when faxing all information. To avoid potential delays we ask that all documentation be sent at the same time. Please do not fax various documents on separate days.

REMEMBER, when pulling credit with Credit Quick Services: Borrower’s approval is ALWAYS required prior to ordering credit. Credit bureau audits may be performed for compliance purposes after company is setup. Company must be able to provide one or more of the following upon request for specific inquiries:

  • Borrower authorization form
  • Proof of loan application or mortgage/HUD form 1003
  • Screen shots of borrower information showing loan in process
  • Copies of all licensing

If a company fails to provide needed documentation for audit purposes, or fails site inspection requirements, repositories have the right to terminate all access to credit data to said company. Access would be denied by all credit reporting companies.

If you have questions regarding any of these requirements please contact the CQS helpdesk at 800-585-7870, and you will be put in touch with a sales representative.